A tanking network.
A clueless producer.
Seven unlucky contestants.
A reality show to save them all. Couch Survivor is a comedy that follows the executive of a failing, C-level, cable network, and the contestants in his latest project: A reality show in which seven people compete to see who can stay on one couch the longest.

Alex Beh

Garrett Hughes

Alexis Rhee

Nathan Champion

Jessica Duffy

Jeremy Kozeluh

David Foy Bauer

Katharine Jameson

Drew Curtis

Sewell Whitney

Melanie Siegel

Anthony Gros

Coming to life in 2000, Cineline Productions is a multi-media company specializing in independent film and motion picture storytelling. Cineline Productions is a fully staffed production company with the experience and ability necessary to take projects from inception to completion. Our plan has always been to build a one-stop shop for film production, able not only to sustain itself, but to flourish. To date, Cineline Productions has more than five feature films under its belt as well as music videos that have aired on MTV 2, FUSE, and CMT PURE, TV commercials, industrials, and numerous short films.

Writer/Director Jonny Walls on IMDb

Jonny Walls, a Kentucky native, studied in the prestigious media communications program at Asbury University and graduated from the Los Angeles Film Studies Center. Jonny has built a career around editing, having edited four feature films as well as multiple short form and corporate projects to date. Couch Survivor is Jonny's first feature film as writer/director.

Producer Aaron Champion on IMDb

Aaron Champion graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s degree in Film. Aaron began his career by directing broadcasts and live events, eventually transitioning to cinematic directing over five years ago. Aaron is at ease shooting his own films or working on others’ projects, and has worked as both Director/Producer and Director of Photography on over three hundred projects of a wide range.

Most recently, Aaron was hired to direct the feature film Producer Sam for an independent production company and has also directed documentaries, short films, commercials, and music videos. Some of Aaron’s music videos have aired on MTV2, Fuse, and CMT Pure. Aaron is also currently a Director/Producer for the hit Youtube show VideoHairstyles, which has over 11 million views.

Producer Zac Heath on IMDb

Heath has worked in the entertainment industry for more than twelve years. Starting as an actor, he performed in films such as End of the Harvest and the Dreamworks film Dreamer. After beginning his career as a stage actor, he went back to school, earning his Masters from Asbury Seminary near Lexington, KY. While there, he worked as the school’s Theatre Director, which gave him a passion for telling a story from behind the scenes. After graduation, he and his wife moved to Los Angeles in hopes of crewing up on films so he could eventually learn how to make them.

He has since worked on over ten feature films, most recently as the Producer for the indie drama Come Morning. He has also coordinated numerous shorts and commercial shoots, working with such names as Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Kris Kristofferson, Isaiah Washington, Magic Johnson, and the late Ernest Borgnine and Larry Hagman.

Heath’s personal philosophy when it comes to film is that “drama should remain in front of the camera.” He maintains an ever growing database of crew that share in that philosophy.


Couch Survivor Behind the Scenes

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